Café du Soleil

2723 Broadway, New York, NY 10025


  • When did the restaurant open?
    In May 2004. The space was drenched with sun so we decided to call it Cafe du Soleil.

  • What made you decide to open a restaurant? What was your vision?
    We wanted to introduce our French culture and delicious food, with a touch of Provence. It was important to welcome our customers with a warm ambiance and authentic dishes. We really wanted to bring back the French Classics.

  • What is your favorite dish on the menu? Steak au Poivre with Garlic French Fries (how French is that!)
    Three words to describe the food. Maman (because a lot of our dishes are what our mothers made growing up), Provence, Authentique

  • What can diners expect from you this year at FRW?
    A warm welcome, new friends and great food bien sur!

    Check out Café du Soleil’s menu for FRENCH RESTAURANT WEEK!

  • Nadine Chevreux (Owner)