505 North Lake Shore Drive (Navy Pier) Lake Point Towers Chicago, IL 60611








Credit picture: Gina Lollobrigida

When did the restaurant open?

Cité has been in business for over 47 years and our combined loyal staff tenure is well over 100 years. We are fortunate, in that Chicago has established Cité as a Streeterville, Gold Coast Chicago Fine Dining Icon.

Being located on the 70th floor At The Top of Lake Point Tower overlooking Navy Pier and Lake Michigan are premium differentiations we are so blessed to have. It is indeed a beautiful gift, to be able to own a fine dining establishment fixed in the heavens with amazing views from every seat.

What was your vision?

Our vision was and still is “The Ultimate Dining Experience” pouring Romance 70 floors up!

Remarkably, we can say there is not a restaurant in Chicago quite like ours. Cité is the “Crown Jewel” of Lake Point Tower. It glitters! Literally. Cité has the most stunning, golden skyline views and was voted one of The World’s Best 17 Restaurants & Bars with Amazing Views by Delish Digital Magazine.

Lake Point Tower by itself is an architectural masterpiece and coupled with our amazing 360-degree panoramic views, every seat has a breathtaking view!

This has been recognized by the media with a plethora of accolades on numerous occasions throughout the years. We are very grateful. However, our staff is our greatest treasure.

It is our longevity as a restaurant and our staff’s loyalty that speaks the most volume of our commitment to quality service and amazing cuisine. Our commitment is to always bring the “best of the best” to our honored guest.

Our wonderful World-Class French trained Executive Chef Oscar has been with us over 40 years and has worked with some of the most prominent chefs in the world, to include Chef Claude Bernard of France. Our Sous Chef Edgar is equally experienced and is affectionately known as “Picasso” because of his extremely artistic food presentation. Sous Chef Edgar has been with Cité over 17 years. Amir, our charismatic Lead Captain and head of our wait staff, has been with Cité over 25 years.

Our wonderful staff truly are our most valuable treasures as they are the ones who make our restaurant successful.

What is your favorite dish on the menu?

Our amazing & beautifully marbled 14 OZ. Delmonico Beef Rib Eye with Pomme Purée, Caramelized Red Onion, Peas and our delicious Cognac Peppercorn Sauce! Paired with one of our amazing fruit forward younger Cabernet Sauvignons equals pure delight! The younger Cabernet’s have more tannin, which cleanses the palate, making each bite a wonderful experience!

Three words to describe the food? 

I cannot describe with just three, but I can describe with seven; Delicious American Cuisine with a French Flair!

What can diners expect from you this year at FRW?

A charming and colorful executive chef, with unmatched culinary experience in the creation of Gastronomic Art with RAPTUROUS FLAVOR!